Water Purification
At Fecteau Yacht we feel that there is nothing more important than clean, fresh water for your family and life.   We are sure you will find one of our products that fits your water needs whatever they may be.
3 gallons per minute - for yachts up to 43 feet

The WHOLE BOAT UV PURIFIER delivers pure chemical free water to all faucets and showers of your yacht without leaving any residual UV in the water.

Water passes through a 10 micron filter, then through a 0.5 micron carbon block filter.  The 10 micron pre-filter removes sediment while extending the life of the 0.5 micron filter.  The 0.5 micron carbon block filter removes cysts, chlorine, taste, odor and chemical impurities.  Finally, and most importantly, the water is passed through a stainless steel chamber where it is blasted by 30,000 microwatt seconds/cm2 of UV light.  This infusion of UV light kills any remaining bacteria in the water.  What you are left with is pure, clean, fresh, water.


~  Removes harmful bacteria and viruses

~  Filters cysts such as Chryptosporidium

~  Purify water without chemicals

~  Protects all water as it leaves your tank

~  Low draw 110 powered

~  Can be used as portable unit to filter dock water before entering tank

Our 1/2 Gallon Point of Use water purifier is ideal for individual sinks or icemakers.  With this unit the water is filtered down through 20 microns to filter out sediments and then through a 1-2 micron carbon block filter to remove chlorine, taste, odor, and chemical impurities.  Finally, it passes through the stainless steel chamber where high levels of UV light attack harmful bacteria, microorganisms, viruses and sterilizes them.

Units Include:  Filter housing and UV chamber mounted and ready to go.  Just install bulb (provided).  Mount unit downstream of yacht's water pump and plumb-in.  Hook up unit to ship's 110 electrical system and enjoy.

6 gallons per minute - for larger yachts or cabins
1/2 gallon per minute - for countertop or icemaker